missy weimer




Custom lightbox

Outside dimensions 38 x 26in


Edition of 3



contact artist for pricing at: missyweimer@gmail.com







In HEAT my self-portrait is spliced together with a matching portrait of my (former) lover in the act of trying to cool down. We hide our bodies after spending the day darkening under the same star, struggling with the heat between us – the words become hazy - our vision warped by rising temperatures. We see a mirage in which light rays bend, displacing the image. A visual distortion caused by a sharp boundary of heat: a vibration. The natural phenomenon misdirects our interpretive faculties (our mind 's eye) like a magic trick. Like the heat between lovers, it blinds sharp edges in a delicate soft focus.

As lovers we experience a heatwave causing exhaustion, and our vision turns blurry. Wedged between two tenses, moving from subject to object, we are b(l)inded by our shared heat. We melt, never retaining our former forms completely.

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